Friday, September 5, 2014

IV. The Magic Gifts

Previous chapter: Warrior's Dwelling.

"Good," Sparrow-Snake said. "Then I must give you some magical aid, the six items."

He went to the center of the room and drew a circle around him in the thick dust. "Sending my 'astral being' to Rôke," explained Sparrow-Snake.

*  *  *

Merlin-Hawk was pacing around the small room. Slowly a hazy, smoky form materialized. It shifted into the recognizable shape of Sparrow-Snake, slightly blurred at the edges.

"Sparrow-Snake!" Merlin-Hawk exclaimed.

"Yes, it is I," Sparrow-Snake said. His voice sounded odd. It was hollow and echoed slightly. "I have reached Xitia safely, and found the warrior Hand, and his friends. But there is also a man," he continued, "that claims he is a wizard. He wishes to accompany the warriors on their quest. He calls himself Elf-Stone."

"Elf-Stone!" Merlin-Hawk exclaimed, and a look of wonder came into his face. "The stones of light! It is though all the songs and tales have come true! Yes, yes, of course he can go!" Merlin-Hawk said, and went off muttering, "The stones of light!"

"Merlin-Hawk has agreed



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