Tuesday, September 2, 2014

II. Xitia

Previous chapter: Counsel of the Wizards.

Elf-Stone's keen eyes watched the dust cloud draw nearer. His grip tightened on his sword hilt as the rider came closer. The man looked weary, travel-worn. He wore shimming cloaks of pale grey and light-green and his snowy-white beard streamed behind him as he came. "Ho, stranger!" Elf Stone shouted. "What brings you here?"

"I am Sparrow-Snake, the 6th Wizard of Rôke," the man gasped.

Elf-Stone's grip relaxed a fraction. "What do you seek to have traveled so far?"

"I have come in search of the warrior Hand," answered Sparrow-Snake.

"The blind warrior?" Elf Stone said with a twinkle in his eye. A smile flickered on his breath. Before Sparrow-Snake could answer, Elf-Stone said, "Yes, I will show you where Hand lives. I am Elf-Stone, the White Dragon, Keeper of the 6 Swords, Last of the Sun Wizards. I can show you, on one condition."

"That is?"

"That I may come with him and his friends on their quest."

"I cannot promise ..." Sparrow-Snake said slowly. "But how did you know ...?"

"I knew," said Elf-Stone mysteriously. He shook his brown-blond hair back and disappeared into an alley. Sparrow-Snake followed. They went through the city, past black smiths and merchants and warriors' homes, until, finally, they came to a modest home-stead. Elf-Stone knocked twice. Slowly the door swung open.


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