Thursday, September 4, 2014

III. Warrior's Dwelling

Previous chapter: Xitia.

A woman stood in the door way. She had creamy-brown skin and dark curly hair. She was tall and muscular. She wore a simple jerkin and a long bow was slung at her back.

"Hello, True-Arrow," Elf-Stone said.

"Come in," she said in a soft yet strong voice.

They entered. Two figures were in the dull grey room. One was a young girl, about 17. She wore a dusty red cloak lined with gold and a deep purple jerkin. Her golden curls fell about her shoulders and a silver locket hung around her kneck. The other figure was a lean man, average height with a leather strap over his eyes. He looked incredibly agile and dextereyous. He was dressed in a pale green shirt and pants and a grey cloak was wrapped around him.

"Hand? Jade-Stone? Astral?" Sparrow-Snake asked.

They nodded.

"I have been sent from the Wizards Counsel," continued, "to ask you: will you go on a quest?"

"What is this quest?" Hand asked.

Sparrow-Snake told them of how they had been chosen to get the heart of the enemy kingdom, by stealth, and then confront the Nâzungûl.

"Do you except?" asked Sparrow-Snake.

There was a silence. Then Astral stepped forward. "Well I will," she said.

"Me too," True-Arrow put in.

Hand looked around him. "Well I guess I'm out-voted," he said with a sigh. "Count me in too."


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